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  • Dock loading ramp
  • Dock loading ramp
  • Dock loading ramp
  • Product name:Dock loading ramp
  • Product type:Unmovable,Hydraulic
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  • Price:2180
Product Details

Nowadays, the port terminal and logistics transportation industry often carry out cargo loading work. However, due to the different heights of the carriages of different trucks, they cannot maintain the same level as the fixed-height cargo platform, which brings great inconvenience to loading cargo. In order to solve this problem, many logistics companies and ports will choose to install dock loading ramps.

The dock loading ramp is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with large carrying capacity and stable lifting. It is commonly used to adjust the height during cargo loading and unloading. When loading and unloading cargo in logistics companies, ports and docks, it is used to transport goods between the height difference between the truck and the cargo platform; its function is to reduce the time cost of manpower up and down transportation, and easily complete the height difference between the goods. Lifting and conveying.

Due to the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, long service life, and safety of cargo handling personnel, dock loading ramps are purchased and used by more and more logistics companies and ports.


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Service Hotline

Service Hotline


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