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  • Best Express orders 30 fixed boarding bridges
  • Case name:Best Express orders 30 fixed boarding bridges
  • Industry:logistics unloading
  • Products:fixed boarding bridges
  • Project area:Guangdong province, China
  • Views:421
Case details

At present, more and more express logistics companies are building logistics distribution centers. For the decision makers of these companies, how to choose logistics equipment, what type and model of logistics equipment to purchase, and how much logistics equipment to purchase, need to be cautious. The problem.

Logistics company

Best Huitong is a large private express company that pioneered the use of information technology to explore the transformation and upgrading of the express delivery industry. It implements bar code scanning and waybill verification for the delivery process of express delivery to provide users with accurate express delivery services. A few days ago, Best Huitong Group found our company for a solution. Our company customized 30 fixed boarding bridges to solve the problem of centralized loading and unloading of logistics packages.

Fixed boarding bridge

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Service Hotline

Service Hotline


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