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Safety requirements for customization of lifting platform

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The structure of the lifting platform is relatively simple, and the size and height can be customized according to your actual situation, but you should find a regular manufacturer to customize it, because now many small workshop-style manufacturers have poor quality and only attract customers at low prices. It is unrealistic to simply buy parts and assemble, and debugging after installation is also a big problem. Therefore, customers should find professional manufacturers for customized non-standard lifting platforms, and we will give a design and installation plan.

Safety requirements for lifting platform

1. The user of the lifting platform must operate and use in accordance with the operating rules of the lift truck.

2. The personnel of the lifting platform must check the lift before using it every day and fill in the checklist.

3. The working area of the lifting platform must be on an open flat ground, and it is not allowed to run on uneven ground.

4. The legs of the lifting platform must be fully opened and supported firmly.

5. Personnel using the lifting platform must wear a full-body safety belt. During the lifting process, the lift truck attaches the safety belt to the platform, the basket or the attachment point made by the manufacturer. When the lifting platform is raised to the working height, the safety belt is no longer tied to the lifting platform, and should be tied to a reliable hanging point of other structures. If there is no reliable hanging point, a wire rope should be used to hang on the steel beam or concrete beam. , And fasten the seat belt to the wire rope loop.

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