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  • Dock Leveler
  • Product name:Dock Leveler
  • Product type:Unmovable,Hydraulic
  • Recommended level:  
  • Views:141
  • Price:1500-1680
Product Details

The dock leveler needs to excavate a pit on the fixed cargo platform or cement platform, and embed it into the unloading platform, and its volume is much smaller than that of the mobile type. The dock leveler can be connected to the carriage through the height adjustment plate during operation, so that the forklift can smoothly enter the carriage for loading and unloading operations. After the operation is completed, the dock leveler can be adjusted to be parallel to the unloading table without affecting other tasks.

Weilin Qinli Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of dock levelers. The company has a large-scale production base and strong R&D and design capabilities. Its products include hydraulic dock levelers and pneumatic dock levelers.

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Service Hotline

Service Hotline


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